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News tagged: Copyright

House of Commons Copyright Act Review Committee Tables Report

House of Commons committee report makes 36 recommendations, includes ones related to fair dealing, crown copyright, and artist resale rights.

News June 3, 2019 

Shifting Paradigms: Remuneration Models for Artists and Creative Industries in the Context of Copyright

House of Commons committee report makes 22 recommendations, including limiting scope of fair dealing and extending copyright to 70 years after the author’s death.

News May 15, 2019 

Bill Tabled to Abolish Crown Copyright

“Crown copyright is hurting the work of our cultural memory organizations and the public they serve. It is also bolstering the democratic deficit. It needs to be abolished so we can all do our work without fear of infringement.” (Amanda Wakaruk)

News April 10, 2019 

uAlberta Opening Up Copyright Instructional Modules: An Update

The team behind the University of Alberta’s Opening Up Copyright instructional modules is pleased to share an update on the series along with several new openly licensed modules and renewed opportunities to contribute.

News January 28, 2019 

Call for Proposals: ABC Copyright Conference 2019

Theme: Negotiating Copyright: Local, National and Global Contexts.

News December 1, 2018 

CARL Releases Statement on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)

“We believe that a term of copyright of life plus 50 years is adequate to reward rights holders and beneficiaries, while balancing the benefits that a robust public domain has for Canada’s knowledge-based economy.”

News October 10, 2018 

CFLA Releases Position Statement on Modernizing Crown Copyright

CFLA-FCAB recommends that Parliament eliminate Crown copyright on all publicly accessible government works or make those works openly licensed by default (e.g., using a Creative Commons licence).

News September 28, 2018 

GLAM Sector Submissions on Copyright Act Review

Recommendations in similar areas of interest: Copyright override, Crown Copyright, Fair dealing, Indigenous Knowledge, Orphan works, Technological Protection Measures (TPM), and Term Extentions.

News September 9, 2018 

House of Commons Copyright Act Review Committee Announces Dates for Cross-Canada Hearings

The committee will hold formal hearings and public, open-mic sessions for the statutory review of the Copyright Act in cities across Canada next week.

News May 3, 2018 

CFLA Releases Position Statement on Indigenous Knowledge and Copyright

CFLA-FCAB recommends that the Copyright Act respect, affirm and recognize Indigenous peoples ownership of their traditional and living respective Indigenous knowledge.

News May 2, 2018